Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Friday: The Day and the Outfit

 Black Friday: The ominous US unofficial holiday where we all are supposed to be inspired by ridiculous deals to buy all of our Christmas presents/spend all of our pay checks in one day. I love electronics as much as the next person, but I never have wanted to or tried to use this 'magical' day in order to score massive deals on a TV or computer or what have you. Let's face it, all I really care about is clothing.

Until recently I feel like the major retailers haven't exactly played ball with Black Friday leaving me ho-humming as I wander around a mall feeling like I can't justify purchasing full price items on such a day of bargains despite the fact that nothing on sale has struck my fancy. That is all in the past. This year it seems like everyone is in on it and I must say I am a little excited and perhaps equally overwhelmed. Simply type in the name of your favorite retailer + Black Friday and watch the deals pop up. I am not just talking about the Targets, Forever21s or any other discount happy retailer, I mean the big ones: Shopbop, Nordstrom, the list goes on. Clearly we clothes horses can no longer leave this discount business to the rest of the masses. It's time to gird our loins and charge forth in an attempt to be part of this Holiday Madness. (Although I for one, plan on doing my shopping from the safety of my computer) but to the rest of you mall-braving souls: Good Luck

Happy Tuesday all! Clearly I am ready for Friday already... outfit details below.
Robert Rose Necklace, BB Dakota Coat (old) similar here and here, Sweater Zara similar here, Allsaints Trousers, Alexander Wang Heels, French Connection Clutch
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter Trend Report: The Belted Scarf

 Wraps, Ponchos, Ruana, Cape: Whatever you call them this season's must have trend is a blanket scarf (or whatever name you choose) wrapped around your shoulders, layered or even belted. A few months ago I belted one of my favorite such scarves thinking that I was doing a great job of knocking of Burberry but I had NO idea how pervasive and explosive this trend would be. But here's the secret: a wrap or ruana draped over your shoulders looks almost identical to a large scarf if you drape it correctly.

The scarf worn above is one of my favorite oversize fluffy scarves from Zara and I love wearing it as a poncho. On it's own a wrap is a chic update for your wardrobe but wearing it over a jacket or a blazer takes it to the next level. This layering adds sophistication and keeps you from becoming too bohemian when your goal is a sophisticated look. So dig out a fabulous scarf, your favorite blazer or leather jacket, throw a belt on it and get ready to be fabulously well dressed this winter.

Outfit details below:
Zara Scarf similar here and here, Peplum Blazer here, Trousers Old Zara similar here and here, BCBG Fedora similar here, Chelsea Boot Old Zara similar here and here
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Stye Chameleon: Musings

Defining one's personal style is such an important thing to do if you dress is a critical part of who you are. That's not to say that everyone is defined by what they put on their body every day but I personally choose to have my style choices be a reflection of the person I want to present to the world. As a blogger that becomes even more blatant because the images and outfits that I present to the world create the fundamental picture of who I am as a stylist and an editor as each look, outfit, photo, layout and post are carefully curated by me. But just because you aren't a blogger and don't put your thoughts/creations out for all the world to see doesn't mean that regardless of how much you care about your personal style that your style does not define you. It does. Even the act of not caring is a choice and reflects to the world as such.

On to the conundrum: I tend to be a bit of a style chameleon in that I love looks that tell an entire story. For example if I am doing simple, clean and modern with a look it will be all of those things without interruption. What I tend to try to avoid is a boho hat with a modern coat and a casual pant with a girly shoe. That to me is a mixed message yet if you look in my closet that is exactly what you will see. Which begs the question can you have a defined sense of style while dallying in many different trend/style areas?

You may have noticed many sites now create collections of items and say 'shop your personality' grouping Boho, Minimal/Modern, Classy and Girly in different categories. I have difficulty with this because while I am a diehard suede boot, poncho and floppy hat person (that sounds like an outfit I need to create asap fyi...) I also love an all grey, clean, menswear inspired minimal look as well. So what ties all of these together? Can you pull a style 180 and still represent YOU or ME throughout each trend? I would argue yes as perhaps the style itself is the embracing of the entirety of a look, the lack of trend mixing and the complete commitment to each personality you are embodying. To paraphrase Grace Coddington, your twenties are when you get to experiment and wear ALL of the extremes without shame or embarrassment. As you get older you start to edit but now is the time to test different feels and find what you love. I know this: I love coats, trousers instead of jeans, bold hats, bold lips and shoes that make a statement. Usually when someone tells me an item is 'so you' it is because it is loud and takes some guts to wear so for now I will be just fine being that person, attempting to get a little more french everyday and live as loudly as I like. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend.

Cheers! -Rebecca 

Floppy Hat Nordstrom similar Jcrew, Blouse old, Jeans Paige similar here, Boots Zara


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Creating a Knockout #OOTD: Get Inspired

Fur Coat Forever21 here (I pushed up the sleeves) similar & equally fab here, Overalls Tobi similar here, OOTD T-shirt by the Laundry Room, Sweater version here, Sunglasses Tobi.com, Clutch Zara
I would love to say I simply rolled out of bed in the morning with the PERFECT outfit in my head that I miraculously came up with and that outfit just happened to fit well and look great on me so I could instantly walk out the door and confidently get on with the rest of my day. That would be a lie and as a regular person we all know that without a stylist laying out your clothing for you, that will never happen. As a blogger it is challenging to come up with new and interesting looks every week but that is nothing in comparison with the rest of daily life because we all have to get dressed EVERY DAY.

Since I work at a fashion company it is important to me that I reflect that in what I wear, but honestly I run out ideas quite frequently. My favorite way to get inspired is to purchase a new statement piece but my wallet doesn't exactly support that as a consistent solution to by outfit-block lets call it.

My go to cure is what you would expect: Pinterest, blogs, Instagram, social media sites, look book sites like Styekick & Pose etc. HOWEVER I think my secret is I try to focus on looks that include pieces I already own. For example, Chiara of the Blonde Salad wore a 'I Woke Up Like This' sweatshirt with a fur coat over it. That is a blatantly obvious one since I own that sweatshirt but I had never thought to pair it with something such as the Yeti coat above, yet that was one fun combo! (See my Instagram @BloggerNotBillionaire for photos.) Also from that photo came inspiration for colored aviators and a fur coat which I translated in the photos above and that was not only fun but turned out great!

Another secret of mine is that on all of these social media sites I tend to follow lots of people from all around the world so that I get exposed to fashion ideas outside of the US. You have to admit we generally aren't the biggest risk takers in the world and if I had a dime for every time I wished I would have started adopting a trend when all the UK High Street shops were doing it I would not only be wealthy but a trend setter.

Last tip: Keep an eye out for items that look like clothing you already own and get inspired to wear them a different way. I saw a french blogger on Instagram that tucked her chunky sweater into a pair of black overalls and it was amazing yet I had never done anything like that before in my life. I also happen to own an almost identical chunky turtleneck so the next day I squashed it into my overalls and was rewarded by many a compliment for my daring look. Getting inspired and creating amazing looks doesn't require a new wardrobe. All you need is to do is get inspired and be open to seeing your current clothing in a new light and hopefully I can provide some of that inspiration for you on a regular basis.

Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to comment if you ever have questions! Shop today's inspired look and similar items below! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

All About the Blazer: Mint-Oreo Style

Nordstrom Blazer similar here, White Blouse Similar, Mint Trousers Similar, Shoes & Bag Zara

 Ah the Statement Jacket, in this instance, The Blazer:

A few weeks ago I did a post addressing the fact that yes, even I have to dress like in a more traditional office appropriate manner every now and again. Granted I love turning a classic look on its head and causing people to quizzically squint their brow at my outfit but every now again presenting a perfectly polished look can have an equivalent amount of impact. I may kid about the colors in this outfit but at the end of the day it is nothing but chic. So let's start.

First, the blazer. This Trouve number was a Nordstrom find that I was drawn to by the print but it was the tuxedo lapel and tailoring that won me over. The blouse underneath from Collective Concepts played into that Tuxedo vibe with a menswear inspired cumber-bun feel when layered under the jacket. On its own the blouse is quite a fancy item however it gets dressed down with the jacket is conversely elevated. The textured trousers are relatively muted keeping the attention on the blazer and the complimentary black and blue accessories keep the focus on the jacket just as it was intended.

Not all outfits require you to think meticulously through each element yet often this happens without us even noticing it. My gut reaction to this look was to pair it with a bold statement pant such as the other day with the cobalt pants, however then the attention would be on the pants and the chic-factor would have been lessened. The cool mint not only invoke a mint oreo mentality (preferably in ice cream) but in this case less is more and the affect is oh so effortless.

Have a fabulous Tuesday, I am off to find some mint-chip ice cream.