Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sunshine and Sequins

 There is a famous DVF quote that I can no longer remember the source of where she chastises women for the wearing of sequins during the day. This was prior to the re-launch of the DVF empire and I am sure in the 'new age' DVF world daytime sequins are no longer taboo but there was a time when they were. You have probably heard something similar combining the words 'tacky', 'sequins' and 'daytime' all in the same sentence but I am here to tell you if you abide by that rule then you miss all of the fun.

The magical thing about sequins is really how they catch the light. At night they capture the little light that is present and reflect it off of you making you the belle of the ball (or the disco-ball), they certainly make you stand out. In the sunlight however what sequins are able to do is 10 times as powerful as their evening power. A sequined garment becomes a director of sunshine in itself reflecting everywhere. If you look closely in many of today's photos you will see circles of sequin light on my bag, the wall behind me, shining on my face and everywhere that surrounds me. You don't see that kind of reflective power in the evening and well, it is nothing short of fantastically good fun. 

So stop relegating your sequined garments to the "night out" category and start wearing them paired down throughout the day. Watch what a difference it makes and the joy you feel when you wear that first reflective item and embrace those sunshiny sequins night and day.
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Happy Thursday - Rebecca

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Refining Your Style Using Pinterest... Seriously

Pinterest. You might not know it but what you pin every day, like or repin, says a great deal about what your style, your sartorial leanings, what you dislike, aspire to, enjoy, etc. This is why so many style service retailers request your Boards when trying to create a specialized profile you as a customer. Originally I thought that was slightly ludicrous since most pins tend to be aspirational but then I found myself stuck in a style rut and it got me thinking...'s face it, it's hard to define one's personal style and for me I always I wanted to be willing to try everything so that I can evolve and constantly adapt; a chameleon of sorts if you will. This is fun and fantastic but lately I have been finding myself feeling like I lack a common thread or identity running through every look. When I go shopping this translates into indecision regarding what to wear with what and occasionally I find outfits feeling forced. What I had been missing is a template for my style, guidelines for an aesthetic, how I like to see myself; style cues if you will that would help me better shape my wardrobe. A way to ensure I was actually purchasing pieces I would wear. Enter Pinterest.

I was scrolling through all 2.7 thousand (yikes) pins that I have accumulated over the years (mostly fashion related) and I started to notice something: trends. Once I noticed them I started recording their frequency: a neutral color scheme, oversized sweaters, wide leg pants, wide leg cropped pants, another oversized sweater, statement shoes, and the list goes on. What I was very surprised to notice is that list of repeating elements was actually relatively edited and often elements came in pairs.

Cropped and long wide leg pants almost always came with another oversized sweater or coat, as did any skinny jeans. No fully fitted looks were pinned unless a skirt was involved. Neutral looks were accompanied frequently by a pop of fun and color such as a shoe or a coat. Not only did I notice these trends, but I agreed with them. I LOVE a print on print colorful combination; I love a neutral sweater with printed culottes and an ankle boot. Not only did I recognize styles I enjoyed but I also had many elements of each look in my closet.

The takeaway from this exercise was only in part to walk away looking like a street style star (hey we all have to have goals!) What I garnered was a rough outline of a  rule book on how to put together a chic look or decide on an item when I don't feel particularly inspired. Statement outerwear: should always be a yes. Statement shoes, absolutely. Large slightly unusual sweaters should be anchors in my wardrobe. However a silk blouse with a bold print? I probably should pass on that as it doesn't feel easy and effortless to me, but if I absolutely love it, then I should pair it with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans or a skirt with a contrasting print. All this from a group of photos letting my own unconscious editing show me what should be in my closet and how I should think about pairing items.

I must say since I did this exercise I find myself wasting less time staring aimlessly at my closet with no ideas in mind. So try it, you never know how defined your style might already be and you may feel inspired to start taking steps to embrace that style. Pinterest, who knew.

Happy Tuesday everyone! To get photo credits and see more pins follow this link here to my Pinterest page as all of the above photos are sourced from there. Thanks for reading -Rebecca

Monday, March 2, 2015

COLOR! Mixing Up Your Usual Palette

I recently read on article on Who What Wear about unexpected color combinations you should try to 'mix up your wardrobe.' I recently discovered a newer combination that I enjoy, a rich burgundy combined with a bright blue, but to call these combinations new would be naive. Instead the colors we see gaining in popularity tend to be from a palette that mirrors the 70's trend that is in full force right now. That means rich, jewel tone colors paired strongly together in a way that we haven't seen in a while. The other prevailing color trend would be minimal neutrals so this colorful approach is a stark contrast.

While the blue and red combination is a newer favorite of mine I have been mixing the 70's vibe color for some time now taking cues from multi-colored items such as today's scarf. When you have a piece that already successfully combines the colors you are interested in it is very easy to just mimic its scheme. A great backdrop that plays into your palette can also spruce up a photo but unfortunately color coordinated backdrops don't follow us through life. Have a wonderful Monday and get details from today's look below.
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