Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Get Obsessed: The Blanket Cape

 No I won't apologize for wearing this cape AGAIN, and so it continues... several months later the blanket cape trend doesn't seem to be slowing down at all, if anything it's gathering steam. I for one find me self reaching for my statement capes more and more frequently lately: over coats, dresses and draped over a lazy weekend outfit. Not only are capes great statement pieces that make the outfit but they are also so incredibly easy to wear it's addicting. Find one, wear it and you too will be a convert. Happy Wednesday, stay warm out there!
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 New Capes keep coming out daily. Here are some of my favorites:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting That Cool 70's Vibe

 It has been a while since a trend has so completely and assuredly dominated the fashion scene like the '70s trend is doing right now. Not sure what I mean? Wait until fall and the proof will be everywhere, including in your closet. This trend draws its origins from Fall '14 Fashion Shows, however we all know after watching Devil Wears Prada that there is a lag before the world at large adopts the trends dictated by the fashion elite. Still questioning the validity of what I am saying? Pop into any retailer and take a look at the color palette of the clothing especially the sale racks of Fall/Winter garments.

In fact, the color palette is actually an excellent way to adopt/embrace a trend without fully committing. If you take today's look for example, it has a distinct undeniable retro vibe to it even though the clothing itself isn't necessarily retro (except possibly for the turtleneck.) The terracotta hue of these jeans is so rich and beautiful yet also so distinctly '70s that paired with the navy and white it transforms the look into what feels like a blast from the past. So if you want a quick way to hop on board this retro inspired trend try playing with your color palette and watch what happens.

Happy Friday! 
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Am I Too Old To Shop At Forever21?

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Standing in my downtown Seattle Forever21 dressing room, staring at myself after wiggling into a pair of size 28 boyfriend it hit me: maybe the fact that those boyfriend jeans barely even fit me like skinny jeans in my normal size was an indication that I am OFFICIALLY too old to shop at Forever21. My fears were being realized, I was being aged out of a store I had loved that was a go to for finding treasures at and knockoffs since I was a teenager. But that's life right? WRONG. Yes, one of the primary customers targeted by Forever21is in fact the pre-teen/teenager who's idea of a skinny jean might fit my arm, but I found out recently that isn't the only customer they are targeting.

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You may have started to see a strange phenomenon happening in the blogging world where many women are carrying (shockingly) Forever21 handbags, loudly and proudly because they look, dare I say, like they are either a designer bag or at least expensive. I saw the maroon lady bag above on another blogger and was shocked to find out that it was under $30 and from Forever21. Upon purchasing my own and stalking their website I was thrilled at the quality of the 'pebbled' faux leather and the upscale shapes and details such as the metal edging on Forever21s new handbag range. These are NOT handbags for teenagers, they are for the working woman, stylish students and fashionistas who want to look like they broke the bank on their arm swag when in reality it cost the same amount as their fancy lunch. So the next time you want a designer looking handbag for a fraction of the price perhaps check out Forever21.

Handbags aren't the only products targeting a more sophisticated audience, the Love21 Collection has always been geared towards the working woman for some time but lately Forever21 has been producing many sophisticated pieces for us in their regular range as well. Take this FANTASTIC jumpsuit to the right for example. That is not your teenager's jumpsuit. Let them have the boho, short shorts and itty bitty jeans and we will happily take their chic outerwear and stunning architectural pieces that make us our best polished well-dressed selves. 

The answer to my haunting fears and questions? Yes, part of Forever21's product line is for a younger generation than myself and I should leave those items to them. However, emerging is a chic, higher quality range that is exactly what I am looking for; cut for my adult figure and perfect for my on the go yet always trying to be chic lifestyle. Still hesitant? Don't worry, I will always share my favorites and my finds on the blog so you can let me dig out the gems for you. As for the jumpsuit above, I am ordering it tonight and will keep you posted. :-) Happy Monday and have a fabulous week!

Curious about the handbags I am drooling over from Forever21? Shop a selection below and let me know what you think (dibs on the chain link backpack. Hello Chanel-inspired!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beat Winter At It's Own Game: Volume I

 Alright, time for some honesty: We just exited the holiday season and yes, I ate all of the cookies, indulged on eggnog and what have you, and consequently have become what I would call 'festively plump' and I know I am not alone. That doesn't mean I am fat or any of us are, it just means that our skinny trousers perhaps are a tad too skinny for comfort and lets just say you won't see me in a body-con dress tomorrow.

That being said, I offer you two outfit tricks that will help you navigate this festive time of year, no diets necessary (time seems to take care of these things anyway.)

1.) Wide-leg Trousers: Not only is this an incredibly popular trend of the moment but wide leg pants are notorious for being quite forgiving and not to mention comfortable. Wear them in a pop of color or a heavy textured fabric then add a chunky heel for a long dramatic look. Give yourself a little extra breathing room while embracing the chic wide-leg trouser.

2. The Draped Coat: You have seen this everywhere, apparently no one's arms want to be bound by a coat any longer! This is good news for you and I is a draped coat gives you a clean structured shoulder line, a tapered, covered silhouette in the front while leaving you plenty of extra room if needed. This is also a fantastic option when layering a favorite coat over an unreasonably chunky sweater. Not only is this trend chic while providing structure, it also allows you to feel unrestricted and comfortable while covering areas you would like to keep covered in the winter months.

Whether or not you are like me and need some extra forgiveness in your wardrobe this time of year both of these trends are here to stay, so try them out and embrace being cozy, chic and fabulous. Happy Tuesday! Get outfit details below.
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Monday, January 12, 2015

All About that Bass... I Mean Boots

Sales, sales everywhere! The retail industry has certainly changed over the years as Black Friday Sales have become commonplace and now it the post-holiday after Christmas time period has taken the top position as the biggest sale season of the year. While I love a great steal (who doesn't) I must admit that a bit of the excitement is lost when every single store I could possibly shop at has everything on sale. Also, it is slightly disheartening watching items that you buy at full price consistently going on sale. But let's focus on a place I consistently love finding steals and deals: Nordstrom Rack.

These ridiculously gorgeous colorful beauties were the only ones of their kind at my local Nordstrom Rack. I went in looking for a plain black over the knee boot and these Jeffrey Campbell laser cut boots were anything but plain. I wasn't immediately sold on them but the fact that they were on clearance and unlike any other boot I had ever seen made me take these suede boots home to contemplate. I ultimately concluded that they were quite possibly some of the most interesting boots I had ever seen so they have permanently joined my wardrobe arsenal. No one can resist laser cut suede stitch together and layered over another layer of suede that have such a high attention to detail that they feel artisanal. I certainly couldn't resist them. I hope you enjoy today's details and that you have a wonderful Monday. Outfit details below.
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