Friday, March 27, 2015

The Ascent of Wearability

Head-to-toe couture, straight off the runway looks, impossibly out there fashion moments: welcome to Fashion Week. Not only that, welcome to the aspirations of many bloggers in the past few years who believe, 'more', 'all', 'extreme' and 'designer', are all words the hold the key to Fashion royalty and success. Fast forward to the street outside Fall 2015 runway shoes and you see... sneakers? Eva Chen with a fresh pair of New Balances and an apple chilling on her vintage Celine handbag. Whether predictably or not the tide is changing away from fashion coveting the extreme and I must say, I couldn't be happier.
Outside of the Louis Vuitton show bloggers, models and actresses were photographed in stunning head to toe Louis Vuitton ensembles... that were about to be on the runway. While once this may have been novel, avante-garde and perhaps thought provoking, now it is all too predictable, and dare I say boring? Anna Della Russo has been doing it for years: the over the top head to toe designer look and she has made herself a consistent chameleon: dazzling, gaudy but always herself. That will always be novel because it will always represent her fashion proclivities. 10,000 bloggers all clamoring to wear the same out-there, over the top head to toe style like a walking billboard for a brand? Their time has passed.
Recently I read an article on the Coveteur titled: "Is This the Death of the Street Style Show Pony?" and I must admit feeling relieved that I wasn't the only person who had recently decided sneakers and boyfriend jeans were the new secret to amazing personal style, not a straight off the runway ensemble. That doesn't mean everyone should clean their closet of anything interesting, purely wear gray and fully embrace normcore, in fact the contrary. You see this backlash people are seeing is against the lack of individuality that this 'show pony'-ness has created. With every other woman on the street representing a head-to-toe designer the creativity, interest and ingenuity go out the window. Which is why we return to things we haven't seen in the while: a casual look, a laid back vibe with a pop of color or fun that feels genuine and heartfelt. The trends will continue to change as always but the trends we are seeing come to popularity, the military, sneaker, normcore, peasant and seventies looks aren't even remotely new, in fact they are commonly reasserting themselves season after season.

Perhaps our takeaway here is instead of returning to the pages of Vogue for inspiration perhaps we should return to our closet and see what inspired us in the past. There has never been a better time to look backward with ourselves and our own style as we dabble with this clean slate of style that is emerging on the streets. Today's look was a mix of a lot of new pieces but it felt like something I would have put together and loved 3 years ago just as much as I do now. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I happen to think casual Australian designers are waiting in the wings once our fashion palette has been cleansed of all the craziness, but more on that later. Happy Thursday and have a wonderful rest of your week.



Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vive la France!

Any day of any year give me a ticket to France and I am there! Unfortunately no one has blessed me with a ticket to France lately so I will have to settle for simply dressing like I belong there. Here are my 3 insider (joke) tips to dressing like you are fabulous and French.
Step 1: Breton Stripes.

A trickle down trend from the French Navy, the Breton nautical stripe is so incredibly French that it almost works better if your use of it is a little less blatantly. Take today's culottes: they are striped in a white and navy that reminds you of the French stripe pattern without making you look like you row a gondola (Italians wear it too.)
Step 2: A Boat/Ballet Neck

There is something about a wide, open yet not necessarily low neckline that makes us think of ballet, elegance and an allure that is undeniably French. I will always have a soft spot for the mysterious sexiness of the collarbone provided by a boat-neck blouse. Call it what you will this art of subtle revealing shown garments such as today's sweater exude that French je ne sais quoi.
Step 3: Attitude

Fake it 'til you make it people, the perception is the reality, attitude is everything, you know the drill. French women are fierce, alluring and never, never try too hard. Show that kind of confidence in yourself and how you dress and you will have nailed the elusive French vibe.
Three elements, those are all you need in order to insinuate that you just were whisked away from the Louvre... or at least you look like you could belong sipping your coffee across the street from it. Have a fabulous Wednesday and Vive la France! Or at least, Vive la dressing like you think your French.
Cheers! -Rebecca
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Springing for Culottes

Again, we talk about culottes. I have written about these wonderfully comfortable rear-enhancing pants before and I have to admit over time I have grown significantly more fond of them. With options in every style and fabrication available now that this trend has hit the mainstream this has become  a very easy trend to adopt. The pair from today's post are a mid-weight Zara pair that will take me nicely through Spring and as a neutral they are great to downplay with other neutrals or use as a base for a pop of color. You will most certainly be seeing more of these in the future as they are just too easy to wear.

When putting together this outfit I couldn't help feeling like winter was still in the air: layering knits under jackets with ankle boots in a very fall like color palette. In Seattle and so many other areas Spring takes a little while to get here so while the calendar may be saying lose the knitwear someone is going to have to pry my heavy knits out of my closet because they aren't going anywhere. Instead those knits may get paired with lighter items like today's culottes but don't except them to disappear anytime soon. 
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